Lab Members

Joao Pedra
Holly Hammond
Eric Wang
Pedra Lab Member NS
Sourabh Samaddar
Anya O'Neal

Former Lab Members


Gary Chen: Lab Manager (2009-2013) – Currently: Scientist - University of California at Riverside

Anthony Choy: Undergraduate/Junior Technician (2009-2013) 

Mayukh Sircar: Junior Technician (2013-2014)

Diana Newman: Lab Manager (2014)

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Mohammad Sohail: Post-Doctoral Fellow (2009-2010)

Lindsey Brown: Post-Doctoral Fellow (2013-2014) - Currently: Staff Fellow, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research - FDA

Vishant Boradia, PhD: Post-Doctoral Fellow (2016-2017) - Currently: Post-doctoral Scientist, Seattle Children’s Research Institute

Dana Shaw: Post-Doctoral Fellow (2014-2017) – Currently: Assistant Professor, Washington State University

Adela Oliva Chavez: Post-Doctoral Fellow (2016-2019) - Currently: Assistant Professor, Texas A & M University

Graduate Students

Maiara Severo: Graduate Student (2009-2013) – Currently: Research Scientist - Evotec (Hamburg, Germany)

Olivia Sakhon: Graduate Student (2009-2013)

Erin McClure Carroll: Graduate Student (2015-2019) – Currently: Medical Writer – Regulatory & Quality Solutions

Undergraduate Students

Sasha Dejoras: Undergraduate (2009-2010) 

Kaitlin Victor: Undergraduate (2010-2012) 

Joe Karuvannur: Undergraduate (2011-2012)

Carmen Wong: Undergraduate (2011-2013)